My Story 


Creativity finally took priority

A few years, I was helping with a local beach clean-up. During the clean, I was picking up beautiful pieces of sea glass and sea pottery. Instantly in my head, I was creating little designs. I had created a little jewellery line in my brain, but I never seemed to have the time to actually make it happen.


I continued to go back to the beach, collecting more sea pottery and glass, and my collection grew. I started day-dreaming about being a boss-lady with her own small jewellery business.


I have always worn rings. Wherever I go, I always stop in boutique shops and immediately check out their ring collection to add to my own. When my furlough started at the beginning of May (2020), it felt natural that this is where I would begin. I knew that silversmithing and sharing that with you is where I wanted to let my creative juices take me.

As I've started learning silversmithing, and paying around with sterling silver, other designs have bubbled up - I still haven't made anything with my pieces of seaglass yet! I'm enjoying the creative journey, and excited for what else is to come. 

I was born a Water Baby

I have always been in love with water. It started with swimming. With holidays spent exclusively in the pool. I remember wearing my goggles, holding my breath and swimming the length of the pool on one breath hold. Then trying for two lengths. Being underwater for as long as possible was my bliss.


On a holiday to Egypt, I remember the first time I took a breath underwater! The following year I got my PADI Open Water. I remember the first nemo I saw! As I started diving more regularly, I can remember my first turtles, mantas, shark and humpback whale!

Swimming to better tides 

It's no secret we are in the middle of a global crisis. I knew I wanted mlsea to be a honest brand within the fashion industry, and not only sell jewellery, but bring awareness to social injustice around the world. My passion for nature, the Ocean and our planet pulls my every decision like the moon pulls the tide. If you're eager to read more, check out my sustainability page

Thanks for reading my rambles about myself,

lots of love,

Mayen x

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