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Independent shops in Bristol that are online!

Hi everyone,

How are you? I'll be honest, I was feeling a little disappointed when I heard the news on Saturday that we would be going into a second lockdown. And with Christmas just around the corner, I was even more sad to think of all the small independent shops that would have to close their doors during their busiest time of the year!

If you shop online with independent stores, you are supporting your local artists, illustrators, creators, makers and all the amazing people that own and run their own small business.

With all the politics flying around in the air (I'll try not to get too into it right now), where we shop and invest our money right now, and for Christmas, is so important! By shopping local, it shows a sign of solidarity, and signals to the big guys on top that we care about ensuring our community and that our local artists, makers and shops thrive. If wanting to support your local businesses isn't enough, surely the news that Jeff Bezos (the owner of Amazon) is projected to become the first trillionaire during an economic crisis, whilst millions are loosing their jobs is more than enough to first, make you sick, and second, pledge to shop small! That did it for me, so, to help future Mayen buy prezzies, I created a list!

I have compiled a (pretty awesome) list of all the independent shops around Bristol that have online shops for your browsing pleasure. I had so much fun exploring each page, and I hope you do too!

In no particular order, here's the list:

The Little Shop



The Bristol Artisan

Prior Made

We Make Bristol

That Thing

Eclectic Gift Shop

Mack Vintage


Room 212

Good Store Studio

BAM Bristol

Rhubarb Jumble

BSpoke 16

Mon Pote

Bristol Co.lab


Frankly Store


Independent Design Collective

Casper Bristol

Espensen Spirit

Bristol Cheesemonger

Beer Necessities

Bristol Beer Factory

(actually, their bar on North St. is technically an off-licence, so they're still open for you to walk-in!)

So, what did you think? Let me know in the comments if I've left any out! And - I included BBF cos it's my local, but there are SO many incredible independent breweries around Bristol, that my boyfriend's beer belly really can't handle it!

Don't forget to share and save this blogpost for when you finally settle down with your mulled wine (or mulled cider/beer/spiked hot chocolate) to do your Christmas shopping - or just to find yourself a cheeky treat!

Lots of love,

Mayen xxx

Adding this in last minute. As I sat down to finish this post, I stumble across something amazing. Another list (I love a good list)! So, don't forget to also check out that have a few more that I haven't included.

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