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PADI Torchbearer: Small & Sustainable Business Forum

Last week, along with four other small businesses, I attended the PADI Torchbearer Small & Sustainable Business Forum!

It was so lovely to catch up with like minded individuals on ways in which we are all trying to be as sustainable as possible within our small businesses. We spoke about sustainable choices, consumer behaviours, the challenges we face, our goals and our wins over the years. I spoke specifically about Intersectional Environmentalism, and what it means for our planet, as well as the importance of shopping with your local makers and shops in the run up to Christmas.

Check it out:

Have a lil look at the other small businesses involved:

Cape Clasp -

Sea Morgens -

Trsh Bg -

Rashr -

The forum was facilitated by PADI & PADI Torchbearer. PADI’s mission is to create one billion torchbearers who explore and protect the Ocean. If you were interested in signing up to be a torchbearer, you can do that here:

Once you sign up, you’ll also have access to their Facebook page where you can be a part of the discussion with others.

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