Ring Sizing

Buy a plastic ring-sizer from me

Simple as that! I have the same ring sizer, so when you give your measurements you can rest assured that we have the exact same sizing! 

Go to a local jeweller

When you go to a local jeweller, they will be more than happy to check your ring size for you. During these uncertain times, please ensure you are being safe.

String measurement

As simple as it sounds. You can use a piece of string, and give me the measurement in mm, and I will be able to size your finger for you. 
This is the least precise way to measure, and may give varied results.


  • When using the plastic ring-sizer/string, measure at night when your fingers are at their largest 

  • Do not measure when your hands are cold as they will be at their smallest.

  • The ring-sizer/string should fit snug and comfy on your finger, but also be loose enough to fit over your finger knuckle

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at mayen@mlsea.co.uk